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Equine Athlete Veterinary Services is an exclusively-equine practice designed to cater to the needs of the equine athlete, at all stages of life. Providing full service care at your farm or event, Equine Athlete has doctors based in California, Michigan, and a hospital located in Pilot Point, Texas.

Our mission is to provide our customers outstanding value in veterinary care in three areas:

  1. Producing predictable and reliable results;

  2. Offering quality diagnostics and therapeutics at an affordable price;

  3. Utilizing clear and concise communication at every step along the way.

Our veterinarians travel nationwide throughout the year, offering our services for pre-purchase exams, consultations on complex lameness and medical issues of the equine athlete, preparing performance horses for competition, and managing their health care at horse shows. Making ourselves available in this capacity gives our clients the competitive advantage of continuity of care for each individual horse.

Equine Athlete insists on remaining at the cutting edge of equine sports medicine through continually advancing our education and utilizing the latest in digital diagnostic technology. We have extensive experience with regenerative therapies including stem cells, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and IRAP II; we often combine these techniques with the elective surgical services we also provide.