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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT :: job opportunities in north texas

Our practice, Equine Athlete Veterinary Services, is a multi-state, multi-location practice serving some of the most elite show and competition horses in the United States. Our primary focus is sports medicine and lameness.  Our Texas division, based in Pilot Point, has immediate openings for 3 positions:


This position will be filled by an ACVSMR or ACVS diplomate or a practitioner with 5+ years experience in sports medicine, and will allow for a rapid assimilation into our practice with an existing client base that can be tailored and grown further by the candidate.


This position will be filled by an internship graduate or practitioner with 2-4 years experience. It is a 2-year position working directly with Dr. Ty Wallis rapidly gaining extensive experience in lameness diagnosis, imaging, and therapeutics (including elective surgery) in preparation for independent management of client accounts as an associate.


This position will be filled by a new graduate, or a practitioner with one year of experience and is a 1-year position working with both Dr. Wallis and Dr. Jessica Bush. The internship is focused on sports medicine and lameness but also has a component of surgery, general practice, wound management, internal medicine, metabolic management, laminitis management, theriogenology, ET, dentistry, and emergency care and is designed to prepare the candidate for entrance into the sports medicine fellowship or other residency positions

Our vision is to be recognized globally as the best team of equine sports medicine diagnosticians and therapists.

Our purpose is to create opportunities to develop and facilitate maximizing the potential of the team so that goals can be reached. This team includes our doctors, staff, the trainers, the owners, and the horse. We have been successful in the market by utilizing our core values of positivity, accountability, integrity, customer service and experience, being team players, and having a commitment to excellence.

Our practice is proud of our culture of strong mentorship from the more experienced practitioners and sense of teamwork amongst peers and staff.  We offer a wide range of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available, and we are shareholders in both an imaging center (Animal Imaging) offering MRI, CT, and nuclear scintigraphy, as well as a rehabilitation center (eCORE North Texas) offering ACVSMR diplomate-guided rehab with multiple modalities such as underwater treadmill, cold salt water spa, and vibration plate therapy. We have an excellent client base that always chooses to utilize the necessary diagnostics to arrive at the correct diagnosis and then follow through with the best care for the horse. All doctors in our practice have the newest technology available in DR, ultrasound, shockwave, regenerative laser, therapeutic ultrasound, IRAP, PRP, and stem cell therapy right on their mobile units, and we offer high-def video endoscopy and arthroscopy, locking plate fracture repair equipment, complete inhalant ventilated anesthesia and monitoring, and in-house blood work.

These positions offer the opportunity to see a very large number of cases, as well as the opportunity to see the outcomes of those cases due to our involvement with the horses both at the training farms and shows, in most cases for multiple years of their career.  We are dedicated to helping our doctors grow professionally and providing them with excellent CE opportunities, such as ISELP or advanced imaging courses in addition to conference attendance.  All positions have the primary goal of a long-term relationship and position within our growing company, including opportunities for partnership.  Travel is part of the success within our company, but we place a high value on family and personal time and have creative ways to achieve work-life balance throughout the year’s schedule.  Please explore our website to learn more about us!  If you want to become an integral part of something outstanding and establish a life-long career with Equine Athlete, submit any questions or a resume and letter of intent to office@equineathlete.pro