SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT  ::  sports medicine fellowship :: MICHIGAN

Our practice, Equine Athlete Veterinary Services, is seeking applicants for a sports medicine fellowship in our Michigan-based division. An intern graduate is preferred, however with the right applicant we would consider a new graduate as an intern for a year with entry into the fellowship position the following year. 

Our practice focuses on long-term relationships, with the goal being transition from a two year fellowship, to an associate, to leading a division or expanding the practice in an existing division, to partnership. Based on experience and performance this timeline can be accelerated. Considerable travel is a requirement at least through the fellowship period and then this can be tailored to the individual's interests. Our practice focuses on all aspects of management of show horses and other equine athletes at the farms and at their events, with a very large caseload of sports medicine, lameness, imaging, and orthopedic surgery. 

Through our relationships with these athletes there are also opportunities for exposure to almost any other facet of equine practice. Please email office@equineathlete.pro if you are interested or would like more information on our practice.